Frequently Asked Questions

What is UL94 Unleaded Avgas?

UL94 is a 94+ Motor-Octane aviation gasoline without Tetraethyllead that meets the ASTM D7547 Unleaded Avgas specification. UL94 is also rated as a super-premium ethanol-free auto-gasoline with a 99 octane (R+M)/2 rating that meets and exceeds the ASTM D4814 autofuel specification.

UL94 Unleaded Avgas is sold nationwide and in selected international locations.

UL94 Unleaded Avgas satisfies the minimum octane requirements of over 125,000 aircraft (66% of the US piston fleet) as a "Drop-in Ready" Unleaded Avgas. It requires no modifications and no hardware changes.

UL94 has been produced and sold solely by Swift Fuels from our Indiana fuel facility since 2015. All Swift Fuels proprietary avgas products can be licensed for low-cost bulk production from major fuel producers.

How can my airfield buy UL94 Unleaded Avgas?

Anyone can purchase UL94 by filling out This Order Form. Our team will issue you a quote and once confirmed, we will make arrangements for shipping. UL94 must be stored in an airport tank independently from 100LL, so it is important to have arranged for UL94 avgas tankage in advance of your order. If you need help on this, just let us know by Contacting Us Here.

Do I need a UL94 Avgas STC for my airplane?

You can search our online database  to confirm eligibility. UL94 STC’s are sold online  by Swift Fuels and buyers automatically receive our FOREVER Avgas STC Certificate at no extra charge. Our FOREVER Avgas STC Certificate will entitle the holder to receive all future Avgas STC's issued by the FAA to Swift Fuels at no extra charge.

Please read the details related to this FOREVER STC offering carefully. There are no guarantees related to any future FAA actions and there are no refunds related to this offering.

Is Swift Fuels planning to deploy a 100-Motor-Octane avgas for fleetwide replacement for 100LL? If so, when?

Yes. Swift Fuels has been conducting extensive scientific research, fuel testing, engine testing, and flight testing on all viable high-octane alternatives to replace 100LL since 2012. Our #1 candidate to fully replace 100LL is a premium 100-octane unleaded avgas product that is already patented and is currently undergoing testing and certification with the FAA.

Swift Fuels elected to discontinue our involvement in the FAA-managed PAFI fuel test program in August 2018, preferring instead to manage our unleaded fuels testing program in-house while still working closely with OEM's and the FAA Fuels Program Office. We expect to begin the roll-out of our high-octane unleaded fuel within months from now -- and we hope to have a fleetwide solution ready to deploy for North America by the end of 2022.

Will I need a separate tank at my airport for your 100-octane avgas to fully replace 100LL?

No, not according to our current Swift Fuels deployment plan. Our 100-octane unleaded avgas will be fully commingable with 100LL. This means that it can be stored in the same airport tank as 100LL and commingled into the aircraft fuel tanks with 100LL at any ratio. Our avgas deployment plan anticipates that all Swift Fuels products can work effectively with 100LL.

Note that UL94 can also be fully commingled in lower compression aircraft -- however UL94 requires a separate airport fuel tank (Currently, airports serving UL94 must store it separately from 100LL as 100LL must be kept on hand in a separate storage tank for use for higher octane aircraft).

Will I need an STC to use Swift Fuels' 100-Motor-Octane product?

Yes. All FAA-certificated piston aircraft will be required to install an FAA-Approved STC on their aircraft to utilize Swift Fuels 100 Octane Unleaded Avgas. Swift Fuels will use the FAA's STC program for managing the fleetwide-deployment of our 100-octane avgas.

In order to manage the fleetwide deployment of our 100-octane Avgas program to every piston aircraft, Swift Fuels has introduced a pre-paid STC certificate called a FOREVER Avgas STC. The FOREVER Avgas STC certificate can be purchased here

What is a FOREVER avgas STC?

The FOREVER Avgas STC is a certificate that allows the holder to receive all current and any future Avgas STC's issued to Swift Fuels by the FAA for a specific engine and airframe combination.

Purchasing the Swift Fuels' FOREVER Avgas STC certificate allows pilots to register their aircraft ONCE in the Swift Fuels database, then all applicable Avgas STC documentation (e.g. STC placards, STC license, FAA forms) will be provided directly by Swift Fuels to the FOREVER STC holder at no extra charge - Forever!

If you purchase a FOREVER Avgas STC, you will automatically receive a UL94 Avgas STC at no extra charge if your aircraft is authorized to utilize UL94.

Once approved, all FAA-certificated aircraft will be required to have a Swift Fuels STC to utilize our 100-octane avgas to replace 100LL - so the FOREVER Avgas STC is our company's way to manage the Fleetwide Approval program by engine / airframe for our fuel.

Please support Swift Fuels and purchase a FOREVER Avgas STC today!

If I buy a FOREVER Avgas STC certificate, what all comes with my purchase?

The purchaser will receive:

a)  Swift Fuels UL94 Avgas STC placards (if your engine/aircraft combination is UL94 eligible),

b) an AVGAS FOREVER STC Certificate allowing the holder to receive all future avgas STC’s (placards, license, and forms) issued by FAA to Swift Fuels at no extra cost,

c) Instructions for accessing a private weblink allowing the purchaser to access Swift Fuels’ private database to enter secure information and generate a set of regulatory reports to complete the local STC process.  STC standard reports in the US include the FAA Form 337 (to be executed by an approved aircraft mechanic), Instructions for Continued Airwothiness (ICA), Flight Manual Supplement (FMS), etc. and may vary by type of airframe or engine.

d) Private access to Swift Fuels online forum containing semi-annual newsletters, product updates, and merchandise.

How much does a FOREVER Avgas STC certificate cost?

For a limited time, Swift Fuels is offering our FOREVER Avgas STC for only $100. This represents a discount of     > 75% from prior avgas STC pricing. Swift Fuels reserves the right to increase prices at any time - so we want to encourage aircraft owners to buy while prices are low.

Customers whose aircraft are compatible with UL94 will receive the UL94 STC along with the FOREVER Avgas STC - at no extra charge. FOREVER Avgas STC holders will receive all future high-octane avgas STC’s issued by the FAA to Swift Fuels that could fully replace 100LL avgas.

Disclaimer: There is no assurance that future avgas STC’s will be issued by the FAA to Swift Fuels, but Swift Fuels is actively working with the FAA towards that objective - which we hope to achieve by end of 2022. This purchase is non-refundable.

So if I get the AVGAS FOREVER STC Certificate, when will I get the STC?

With this purchase, you will receive the AVGAS FOREVER STC certificate in the mail.

Customers with airframes/engines that require a UL94 STC, once registered in our Swift Fuels customer database, will be given immediate access to our UL94 STC installation package and will also be entitled to all future Swift Fuels Avgas STC’s.

Customers whose aircraft have higher-compression engines will receive instructions in the mail on how to register their aircraft information into our Swift Fuels database. In either case, when future Avgas STC's are issued to Swift Fuels from the FAA, all registered customers in our customer database will be contacted by Swift Fuels representatives to receive your “newly-issued” STC placards, STC license and appropriate documentation at that time.

It is important to follow the instructions on the STC certificate and register your customer and aircraft information into the Swift Fuels database. Please keep your registration information up-to-date. Contact Swift Fuels if you cannot locate your registration information.

How do I know if I need a UL94 STC?

Use our search engine here.  Please be aware that once Swift Fuels introduces our high-octane replacement for 100LL, aircraft owners will be required to purchase our Avgas STC from Swift Fuels to fly our high-octane fuel.

So, all customers who buy a UL94 STC will be given a FOREVER Avgas STC at no extra charge. The FOREVER Avgas STC entitles the holder to receive ALL future avgas STC's issued by the FAA to Swift Fuels as part of the one simple purchase.

Is UL94 Avgas “drop-in-ready”?

Yes. There are no mechanical parts, hardware modifications, or adjustments needed to utilize UL94 in an appropriately rated lower compression properly certificated aircraft (approved for ≤ 94-MON Avgas).

All Avgas STC holders must have an FAA-Approved mechanic file FAA Form 337 to validate the applicability of the STC placard on the aircraft. The aircraft owner must also maintain proper regulatory reports and certificates in their aircraft.

Swift Fuels recommends that aircraft owners follow all current engine and airframe OEM operating guidelines. See Lycoming SI-1070 and SL-270 for further details on Lycoming engines. See also Rotax fuel use guidelines; note that Rotax does not recommend the use of 100LL in markets where unleaded avgas is available.

Is Swift Fuels’ 100-octane Avgas “Drop-In-Ready”?

The FAA’s evaluation of Swift Fuels high-octane avgas to replace 100LL fleetwide is ongoing. For an estimated 85% of the US piston fleet, it is anticipated that our 100-octane unleaded avgas will be 100% “drop-in-ready” meaning no aircraft modifications or hardware of any type are required.

Swift Fuels is pursuing a 100-octane unleaded avgas that will have the best operational performance and least-disruptive impact on the US piston fleet vs. any other fuel alternative.

We believe our fuels research, testing and collaboration with FAA and OEM’s will result in the best unleaded avgas solution for the piston fleet on a global scale. However, Swift Fuels is unable to make any guarantees, representations or warranties as to the future actions or decisions of the FAA.

Is UL94 better for my aircraft than 100LL?

Yes -- assuming that your aircraft is approved to use 94-Motor-Octane avgas. UL94 does not contain toxic tetraethyllead (an octane booster) or ethylene dibromide (a lead scavenger). UL94 eliminates lead-fouled spark-plugs, it eliminates corrosion caused by lead from the oil in the engine and fuel system and it allows pilots flying Lycoming and Rotax engines to save money by increasing their oil-change interval up to 100 hours. UL94 also reduces toxic exhaust emissions.

Swift Fuels recommends that aircraft owners follow all current engine and airframe OEM operating guidelines. See Lycoming SI-1070 and SL-270 for further details on Lycoming engines. See also Rotax fuel use guidelines; note that Rotax does not recommend the use of 100LL in markets where unleaded avgas is available.

What is the difference between Avgas and Autogas?

FUEL SPECIFICATIONS – Aviation Gasoline (aka Avgas) is a high octane gasoline designed to meet strict aviation fuel specifications set by ASTM International (e.g. D910, D7547, et al.). Auto Gasoline (aka Autofuel or Autogas or Mogas) is any form of on-road or off-road transportation fuel that meets the ASTM International D4814 gasoline standard or EN 228. Autogas in the US may contain up to 10-15% ethanol depending upon its intended use for consumption. E0 and E85 grades are also sold in some US market locations. Note that international fuel standards for certain fuels vary by country.

The key differences in the performance characteristics of Avgas vs. Autogas are outlined below:

a) FUEL CHEMISTRY - UL94 Unleaded Avgas is made from higher quality, lower boiling hydrocarbon components resulting in virtually no sparkplug deposits, fewer exhaust contaminates, and lower aromatics content vs. Autogas. All Swift Fuels unleaded avgas products meet this same strict premium quality standard. Autogas is made with many more higher boiling aromatic compounds which, when used in an aircraft, are inadvertently released into the atmosphere without catalytic converters to cleanse the byproducts of combustion from a piston engine.

b) OCTANE - avgas has a much higher octane vs. the 87 or 91 (R+M)/2 octane rating of autogas (e.g. UL94 avgas equates to a 99+ octane (R+M)/2 autogas octane rating),

c) SHELF LIFE - avgas components have very few gum forming compounds, but autogas specifications are less strict allowing for more chemical compounds which tend to oxidize and form much larger amounts of gums after about 60-days of storage,

d) VAPOR PRESSURE - avgas has a low vapor pressure (5.5 to 7.1 psi), where autogas RVP is higher (7.5 to 15 psi in certain states at certain times) which can lead to vapor lock issues in some conditions,

e) SUPPLY CHAIN - avgas is managed by strict fuel handling standards, guidelines and insurance documentation per batch, whereas autogas is far less strict (depending upon where its purchased). Note that autogas in the US may contain up to 10-15% ethanol. Some gas stations may also sell an “off-road” variation of autogas with no ethanol called recreational fuel. Be advised that some recreational autogas may inadvertently contain ethanol. Ethanol use above 1% in aircraft is not recommended by FAA or Lycoming. Finally, please be advised that autogas may be sold to pilots at retail gas stations without a Certificate of Analysis and it may not be insured for aviation use.

What if I buy a new airplane or sell my existing airplane? Do I keep my Forever STC?

The Forever Avgas STC Certificate should follow the aircraft. If you sell the aircraft, make sure to provide the new owner with that aircraft’s private Forever Avgas STC registration certificate. The Swift Fuels database is tied to a secure identification number (shown on the Forever STC registration certificate) that is recorded against each unique aircraft serial number.

If you buy a Forever Avgas STC Certificate prior to owning a particular aircraft, you can hold onto the certificate until you take possession of the new aircraft and then register it onto the Swift Fuels database online.

Each Forever Avgas STC certificate is tied to only one aircraft. Each registration card provides all the private instructions needed to record the aircraft into the Swift Fuels Forever Avgas STC system.