Terms and Conditions for this Swift Fuels, LLC Avgas STC purchase

As the purchaser of this Avgas STC, I acknowledge that I understand and will abide by the following:

  • Swift Fuels, LLC has no direct control over regulatory decisions or aircraft certification-related approvals made by FAA or any other similar controlling agency.
  • Swift Fuels, LLC makes no assurances or representations that aviation-related regulatory approvals for new Avgas STC’s will be made at any time in the future by any regulatory entity.
  • Swift Fuels, LLC recommends that all pilots using their Avgas follow the operating, safety, and maintenance instructions issued by the engine OEM for flight safety.
  • The purchaser of any Swift Fuels Avgas STC is responsible for its implementation in the appropriate aircraft and the proper filing of FAA Form 337 (or international equivalent) by an approved mechanic.
  • The purchaser of any Swift Fuels Avgas STC certificate is responsible for maintaining current contact information in the Swift Fuels registration database during the life of the aircraft.
  • The purchaser of this Swift Fuels Avgas STC is responsible for maintaining the appropriate regulatory documents and STC records in the aircraft logbooks for safe keeping
  • Swift Fuels, LLC assumes no responsibility for any lost or misplaced Swift Fuels Avgas STC placards or documentation; there are no refunds for this purchase.